Phase Three - Green Rangers!

Greetings True Believers!

We hope you're having a lovely Sunday! It's cold here but we have something to warm you up a little bit, our next advent calendar surprise...

#9 - Next Top Cosplayer Eco Award!

Introducing brand new this year, from the brilliant minds of Niennasurion and her partner Nafuri_Chan, an innovative and globally eco-friendly award!

This year's #KCC62020 Next Top Cosplayer will feature a ribbon award for the most eco-friendly cosplayer!

Niennasurion describes this SPECTACULAR project as:

"In the context of the Umigomi Zero Project, that is an environmental project initiated by the World Cosplay Summit, to reduce marine plastic litter in the oceans, from a Cosplay point of view: what only cosplayers can do to help/inform.

"In Japan, we’ve seen activities of cosplayer gathering together to go clean beach in costume, to do informative video in cosplay, etc.

"We had a feel that our beaches are mostly clean... we are lucky. But our idea was to attack the source of the problem: instead of cleaning plastic, let’s reduce the use of it. How can we, as a community, as a cosplayer, promote more eco friendly crafting method: by touching the reglementation, the legislation!

"Masquerades/Costume contests are a big part of cosplayers life. We had the idea of including a environmental thought into the masquerade award system for the majority of the masquerade in the province, the Country, North America!

"Most masquerade follow the Guideline of the ICG (international costuming guild) if the conventions accept it, this thought will be add to the official guide line. An eco friendly award would become a standard."

So we are happy to pilot this project and get the word out that Niennasurion's project could be a game-changer for Masquerades and Cosplay Contests alike! #BeLegendary

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