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We truly appreciate your interest in a Dealer’s Table in our #KCC2020 Market Space, here are some things to note:

1) Our dealer space is sold in "tables", not as square footage, and only tables provided from the event may be used at the event. we can't have any of your unsupervised tables getting hurt, after all.

Our Dealer package is:

  • 1 full 6′ by 3′ table table.

  • 2 Dealer Badges per designation.

  • 2 chairs per table.

To reserve your spot, please fill out the vendor application found here!

here are some things to note for our artist tables:

1) Our artists space is sold in "half tables", and you may use wireframe or similar facades for hanging/displaying art (please do not rig heavy/bulky objects). Vertical displays have been very successful in getting attention! What goes up, won't hurt you... or something like that.

Our Dealer package is:

  • Half of a 6′ by 3′ table. 

  • 1 Dealer Badge per designation.

  • 1 chair per designation.

To reserve your spot, please fill out the vendor application found here!

Artist table

Power Drops

Electricity is not included. Electrical power drops may be ordered from us.

And with this information, if you would like to start, the first part of the process is to send us an email here, so we can discuss your power needs! as a funny kid in a jumpsuit once told me, with great power - comes great responsibili- hey put that down!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many years has the show been in existence?
A: 2020 will be the sixth year of operations for Kitchener Comic Con

Q: Are the same people organizing the show as did last year?
A: Yes. and they're starting to smell

Q: What is the attendance like, is this a small convention?
A: each year our attendance numbers have grown. in 2015, we started with 3,500 and as of year 5, we saw over 12,000 walk through our doors 

Q: Where do you advertise?
A: We have a specific and targeted marketing campaign that has been seasoned and perfected over the course of our 6 years of operating. It is a combination of social media, print, radio and television. Like the colonel's secret recipe, it's full of herb, spices and totally secret

Q: What categories/media of craft are accepted?
A: Kitchener Comic Con has grown to be a comic-book and fandom event, hopefully for the best return for your table investment, it is our suggestion your vending table should reflect current pop-culture genres; the most successful items have been the things you can't find anywhere else! Example; if you sell cast iron frying pans, and you’re hoping that a certain coyote would buy your product… maybe not the best fit, if you catch my roadrunner

Q: What is not acceptable?
A: Kitchener Comic Con is a very family friendly show; your selling items should be as such. Items that have open blades must be sold in accordance to Kitchener city hall's policies. items with open nudity or gore will not be permitted

Q: How many vendors are accepted in my category?
A: All market space applications will be treated on a case-by-case scenario. We do our best to take into consideration the stock that each vendor brings. Return vendors will always retain top-priority

Q: What is the location like (town, city)?
A: The City of Kitchener is a wonderful place, more on this can be found at:,_Ontario

Q: What is the venue like (hall, park)?
A: This year’s event will be hosted at the wonderful fantastic Kitchener City Hall and in our opinion KCH has a fantastic architecture that is just breathtaking for the imagination. It has been our home since the start, and we are proud to return once again! it even survived a hostile takeover from the legion of doom, that's pretty impressive

Q: Is the show held in several buildings – is one more desirable, better situated?
A: This year’s event is in ONE location

Q: Is there plenty of parking?
A: Yes there is, you can find information about parking here

Q: Are there other events going on during the convention (antiques, flea market, music festival, etc.). If so, are the craft booths in a separated area or integrated?
A: This year’s Comic Con will have several panel workshops and other photo opportunities for those in cosplay. Our marketing area will encompass the main walk through traffic space for the best for incoming clients. 

Q: Have you ever had to cancel the show? If so, why?
A: NOPE. over my cold deadpool hands

Q: Are you on site at all times if I have a problem to discuss?
A: KCC staff members will always be on hand to field any issues that may arise at this event. They are identifiable by the "staff" badge and regularly check-in with vendors throughout the event

Q: What are your policies on booth rentals (non-refundable, notice of cancellation, etc.)?
A: Upon approval of application and receiving of funds – All sales are final.

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