2018 Guest List

Phil Guerrero

Phil Guerrero is an  actor and writer, known for his work in Pelswick (2000), Warp (1999) and The Ladies Man (2000).

And with that, if you were a kid in the 90’s, then you know PJ Phil!!! Host of YTV’s The Zonesegments for a few minutes every day he was a teacher, and a friend to kids everywhere! He’d cover topics from bullying to the coolest toys, read letters from viewers, and chat with Snit, the freaky bubblegum creature with impeccable teeth. It was an after school experience shared by millions that helped define a generation of Canadian kids growing up in the 90’s.

Mister Guerreroha also did voice work for Eduardo in “Pelswick”, for NelvanaAnimation, hosting of the comic/video game show “The Anti Gravity Room”, which aired on YTV, and hosted the lifestyle television series Feng Shui Life, from 2003-2004.

Recently Phil has joined a Goth/Industrial band Razed in Black, as their lead guitar player R.i.B, who have been Touring North America since 2003.

With that being said, here is Mister Phil Guerrero’s  IMBD page http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0346240/ and NEEDLESS to say, we’re extremely pleased to announce him as a part of this year’s Kitchener Comic Con 2015!

Richard Comely

Richard Comely attributes Captain Canuck’s particular place in comics history to the fact that in 1975, his book was the only full-color self-published book distributed to the mass market. But of course, the character’s status as Canada’s premiere superhero didn’t hurt its legacy either. “Media and public attention have been tremendous for the series since it appeared in 1975,” Comely said. “’Canada Post’ put Captain Canuck on a stamp (1995), he appeared on the cover of ‘Time’ magazine (1997) and a number of other Canadian publications. I think all this demonstrates that Canadians love having their own superhero. After all, superheroes started with Superman and half of the creative team of Superman was Canadian born Joe 
Shuster.” In 2010, Richard, as well as artists George Freeman and Claude St. Aubin were inducted into the Canadian Comic Book Creator Hall of Fame at the Joe Shuster Awardson the 35th Anniversary of the debut of Captain Canuck. In 2012, details are emerging about the moving forward in production of a Captain Canuck feature film.

Ammie is a masters level cosplayer that has been featured in several magazines and cosplay books from around the world, and her passion for costuming and recreating characters, as well as original designs has lead to international recognition. Appearing in several magazines and cosplay books from around the world as well as features on various websites, Ammie firmly believes if she can do it, anyone can. She takes pride in teaching others tips and tricks in costume construction, as well as helping others out who cannot make their own costume.

Recently Ammie has helped co-found the group Echo Three, based out of London Ontario. Echo Three is an all Star Wars cosplay group that specializes in hospital visits, charities and fundraisers. They have raised an outstanding amount for both the Make a Wish Foundation and Children’s Miracle Network.

More on Ammie Chan  can be found at: http://ammiechan.deviantart.com/

Ammie Chan

Brian Connor is an inventor of sorts – We think he is mostly responsible for the creation of the electronic power suit that is built with Stark Enterprises technology – however Brian’s biggest claim to fame is the creation of Little Iron Girl that is known for accidentally tipping cars over, out running her school buses and just having a cute factor that can warm any super villain’s cold heart (or so we have heard)

Brian Connor

Jay Bartlett is an expert on all things Star Wars. His passion for the series began at a very young age and spans the films, toys, memorabilia, and cos playing.

Mister Bartlett has stared in the documentary Nintendo Quest, and the Follow up The Nintendo Quest Power Tour and is widely recognized in the Video Game community, he has been on many panels across North America over the years and hosts “A Galaxy Far, Far Away” Star Wars podcast.

Jay is the Founder of Star Wars Echo Three a Cos Play organization dedicated to bringing Hope to those in need and giving back to the community through the passion of the Saga.

Jay Bartlett

Michael Masurkevitch is an actor and host from Kitchener-Waterloo, working in KW and the GTA. As an actor, he loves to throw himself in challenging roles, and has played as everything from a surly tech guy to an ex-warlord bent on revenge.

As a host, he loves to learn about anything he can, asking questions about what drives people’s passions for his YouTube channel and his current Facebook Live show “Lets Talk About Feels.” He is also currently getting political, with his “April Fools Trudeau” movement/video on electoral reform.

Find more of Michael at www.Masurkevitch.com
And more  at: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm7727960/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

Michael Masurkevitch

Del Morgado

Delmerio “Del” Morgado is a Toronto based online radio show producer and founder of DFH Studios. As some may know, Dell had started his adventure in Media by producing video homemade movies and other things like that. Over the years, Dell has got involved with several other media projects such as live improv skits, getting involved with the cosplay community, and starting his own online radio show that can be only be found on reality radio 101 on Tuesday evenings and from that, Del has been called the next Howard Stern by individuals within the broadcast industry. Needless to say, Del’s future seems to be limitless and we are pleased to have him for this year’s KCC.

Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas is a comic creator, artist, letterer and all-around swell guy from Mississauga, Ontario with over 7 years experience in the entertainment,  publishing and commercial industries.  As an artist, Andrew has illustrated covers and interiors for “Captain Canuck”, “Auroraman” and more.  As a letterer, he works on “Disney Princess”, Archie Comics and is the Chapterhouse Publishing in-house letterer, working on titles such as “Captain Canuck”, “Northguard”, “Agents of P.A.C.T”, “Fantomah”, “Die Kitty Die”, “Fourth Planet” and many others.

Andrew is also the artist and co-creator of the Canadian comic series, “Auric of the Great White North”, published by Great North Comics which has won the 2017 Canadian Comics Wiki Award for “Best Comic”

More on Mister Thomas can be found at: http://www.armelimonline.com/

Dan started drawing just over four years ago and in that short time has been fortunate enough to pencil exclusive variant covers for The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Captain Canuck and Northguard. Dan is also the creator and publisher of OMGComix.com and has two comedic titles – Seth the Elf and Alien Hillbilly, he has also provided artwork for the OPP, movie posters, novel covers, Tshirts and much more…

More on Mister Hammond work can be found at: www.OMGComix.com

Dan Hammond

William Byrne is an artist and storyteller, he love’s capturing the essential aspects of being human. William aim’s to create a work that has meaning that Evoke a feeling of personality that is evocative, powerful and real. as Byrne is an accomplished illustrator & publisher he is known for the Canadian Comic Book cult classic: Max Burger P.I, as seen in the follow vidoe clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pbhx6va5ZE0 In addition to his publishing, William is also a photographer. More on his work can be found at : www.williamsphotography.ca and on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Williamsphotographycanada

William Byrne

As some may know, Mister  Sky Westman hails from the mighty Metropolis known as London, ( London, Ontario that is)  and for an other year, Mister Westman  will be visiting this year’s Kitchener Comic-Con. Sky is a costume designer who has created some excellent and authentic replicas with his legendary craftsmanship of various trades. He has also dabbled in prop design, creating many authentic weapons and additions to his costumes. Sky is a master craftsman who likes to put his various talents to use. His creations come from his interest in comic books, science fiction and other genres of the like !

Once again we are proud to have Mister Westman part of our 20217 event. Truly, fun event talent at its finest !

Sky Westman

Candy Cosplay

Hello Kitchener Comic Con! My name is Candace (aka Candy Cosplay) I’ve been into cosplay and costuming ever since i can remember. It all really stated back when i attended my first convention and didn’t go in costume, as i was unaware that cosplay was a popular hobby. The second convention I attended and every one since I’ve always been in costume! I love being able to just put the world on hold and be somebody you love or admire for a day! More on Candy can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/CandysCosplays/

Olivia Ward

Olivia of Olivia’s Atelier has been attending conventions and cosplaying for nearly half their life. They’ve worked a number of costumed red carpet events in Toronto, as well as working as an ambassador in the Diversity Lounge at PAX South and East. Olivia has made more Sailor Moon costumes than they can count, having offered commissions for the Sailor Suits for several years.

More on Olivia  can be found at: http://www.oliviasatelier.com

Dana Merkley

Dana is a local cosplayer who would is coming to Kitchener Comic con for first time, her have connections with the Marvelous girls of KW and the Guelph Spectacular Spiderman.

Other various cosplays have included: Lady Deadpool, gender-bent Thor ( not Jane Foster’s thor), Princess Ariel,  Judy Hopps, Lolabunny from Space Jam, Wednesday Addams, and finally her recent crowd pleaser… Female Predator.

Ray Slay

Local to Kitchener, Ray Slay comes baring 5 years of cosplay experience in sewing, prop, and armour building. She cosplays anything and everything, breaking past traditional barriers and expressing her love for different characters regardless of age or gender. She cosplays characters such as Bokuto from Haikyuu, Juvia from FairyTail, Espeon from Pokemon, Zen from Mystic Messenger, she has done over 25 cosplays. To her, cosplay is not only about expressing your creativity, but also expressing your love for the character. “If a character captures [her] heart [she] wants to be able to capture their image”. She is most well known for her MegaMan.EXE cosplay, a piece of that she created to capture her childhood and the passion she has for both the MegaMan Battle Network games and the MegaMan: NT Warrior Anime. Check out Ray’s cosplay page to see pictures of her different cosplays as well as progress pics of the ones she currently has in the works: https://www.facebook.com/RaySlayCosplay/

Marvellous Girls of KW

As some may know, Two years ago The Marvelous Girls of KW  consist of Alicia, Erica, Megan, Alyssia and Ariana, aand they assembled at the very first Kitchener Comic Con, they realized when working together on their cosplays, their talents were much better brought together than apart.

They truly believe that fantastic and wonderful cosplay comes together only when people are willing to work together. It truly takes a village to make a group cosplay and the Marvelous Girls of KW are proof of that.

SO at this years event, take a look at what teamwork and fun in cosplay can do!

Lastly, the Marvelous Girls of KW are just Quite simply … MARVELOUS , and more on them can be found at:  https://www.facebook.com/kwmarvelousgirls/

Mz Hyde is a cosplayer coming from her home town of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. She has been cosplaying for 4 years and has some awards to show for her work, but has been sewing and creating costumes with theatre groups and on her own, for another 6 years before beginning her cosplay journey. Mz Hyde is an Actor, Singer, Furry, and Cosplayer.Her love of art & theatre shows her cosplays, as well as in the characters she chooses to bring to life.

Mz Hyde has cosplays under her belt from anime and movies, to video games and TV shows. She has a few new cosplays in the works for 2017, and one of things she loves most about being a cosplayer is seeing the passion and love people put into their work and the reactions she gets from everyone she meets while at conventions and events. She believes cosplay is for everyone and loves to be a support for new cosplayers as they begin their adventures in cosplay. More on Mz Hyde can be found at:  https://www.facebook.com/mzhydecozplay

Mz Hyde

Guelph Spectacular Spiderman

As we all know that Spider-Man is a fictional superhero created by writer-editor Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko, well there True Believers the word “fictional” is no longer the case….

Ladies & Gentlemen, boys & girls, its with extreme pleasure that we introduce the absolutely amazing, The one and only Guelph Spectacular Spiderman! As same may know our favorite Guelph wall crawler as Canadian Spider-Man,  same may not know that GSSM what is cosplay adventures back in 2013. The Guelph Spectacular Spiderman had also cosplayed in various characters such as; Deathstroke, Green Arrow, Daredevil, Wolverine and more. As the Guelph Spectacular Spiderman keeps  his City free of evildoers,  his heart is set on helping other individuals one with charity events and hangs around downtown Guelph whenever he can. One can also find him working along side The Marvelous Girls of K-W for photo-shoots and other event .
MORE on Guelph Spectacular Spiderman can be found at:

Her name is Brooke Colley, other wise known as ShadowStorm Cosplay, she has only guested once at the Guardians of the Geekery event at The Geekery in Niagara Falls but I am a frequent attendee and well recognized at many conventions in Southern Ontario.  Brooke has been cosplaying for over 15 years and have won several awards in costume contests for her creations and have reached master status since 2011.  ShadowStorm Cosplay most popular creation to date is Rocket Raccoon ,and she was even invited by Disney to attend the Canadian Premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 earlier this year.

To see more of Brooke’s work, more can be found at

Brooke Colley


AngelicLuka is a cosplayer from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and she has been cosplaying since 2005 and started off by sewing things by hand and took a class in school to learn
how to use a sewing machine and learn how to use patterns. AngelicLuka mostly sew costumes but she also style wigs, make jewellery, props, armor and other accessories. Cosplay is such a big part of her life and she is glad to have family and friends who support her. AngelicLuka look’s forward to meeting everyone this year at Kitchener Comic Con. More on can be found at www.facebook.com/AngelicLukaCosplay

To see more on AngelicLuka, can be found at  www.facebook.com/AngelicLukaCosplay


Al Ruddick

Supreme Dalek Orin

Supreme Dalek Orin has landed in Canada and is ready to dominate your planet. At seven feet tall, I am truly a sight to be feared and admired! Come and pledge your allegiance to the Daleks … or you may be mocked, insulted and possibly EX-TER-MIN-ATED!!
More can be found at  https://www.facebook.com/dalekorin/

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